Hi, I'm Pierson.

I am a twenty-year-old computer science student at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Born and raised in Southern California, I've become familiar with its beautiful weather and limitless possiblities. My mother was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and my father in Queens, New York, so I was raised by parents who had very different worldly experiences than myself.

I found my passion in technology at a very young age. It was actually because of Club Penguin, but that's a story for another time.

I learned how to program in elementary school by building websites and 2D video games. I just loved the ability to learn new things and apply that knowledge to build cool stuff. To me, it didn't even matter what it was.

My first “real” job was groundskeeping for my local Little League. I gained respect for physical labor and made incredible relationships in the five years I worked there. However, I found that I enjoyed working on freelance projects and web-consulting much more. Since then, I’ve worked with and helped dozens of entrepreneurs and corporations (Toys-R-Us, Bing, etc.) with digital design, brand identity, and user experience.

I learned that working for myself was time-consuming but very rewarding. It gave me a feeling of a future career path. Since then, I've continuously delved into new entrepreneurial ventures that test what I have yet to learn and give me a sense of the difficulty, and reward, of entrepreneurship.

Today, I am a former General Analyst and current President of Bruin Ventures - the most selective student-run entrepreneurship and venture capital club on UCLA’s campus.

Our hands-on curriculum prepares students from all academic backgrounds for highly-competitive opportunities in corporate, technology, and entrepreneurship communities. We have partnered, worked with, and brought speakers from professional firms and business-leaders such as Hulu, Clutter, and Brad Feld. We have created a body of talented engineering, business, and other students devoted to inspiring startup culture within the campus and the Los Angeles area.

I am also an avid blockchain enthusiast. The growth of decentralized architectures and the widespread adoption of this new technology began to shift my focus in computer science towards blockchain. I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Art Of Cryptocurrency, a blockchain-focused online news outlet.

I’ve always been a hands-on, hard-working, and quality-driven individual. If you've spent time reading my entire personal description, please reach out! I look forward to connecting with you.

My Projects

Over the past three years, I've been able to develop efficient solutions to complex problems while becoming familiar with both common and obscure programming languages. I look forward to understanding more of the vast world of computer science.

  • Computer Science:

  • View all my projects on Github!
  • Reliable, Compressed, & Secure Network Communication via Embedded IoT System
  • - Multi-process telnet-like client/server passing compressed I/O over TCP socket.
  • - Read, log, and securely transfer (via SSL) data from external temperature sensors.
  • Asynchronous Application Server Herd via Python Asyncio
  • - Implementing a simple flooding algorithm to propagate location information from the Google Places API using the event-driven, lightweight asyncio framework.
  • - Emulating mobile devices using TCP connections where each device can post, receive, and query information (in JSON format) from any connected server.
  • Verilog Dice Game on Field Programmable Gate Array Board
  • - Creating an intuitive dice game in the hardware description language Verilog using physical input buttons, seven segment displays, and logical module implementations.
  • Graphic Design:

  • Flat Logo Design
  • - A portfolio of simple and modern logos and graphic works created in Adobe Illustrator that utilize flat design techniques. Most of these designs were eventually used on printed t-shirts or stickers.

My Written Works

Fueled by an interest in early-stage startups, venture capital, and a desire for innovation, I'm passionate about knowledge. Below are a few of my written works regarding different topics and companies that interest me.

My Favorite Tools