• Previous Experience:

  • QA Analyst Intern - Obsidian Entertainment (Microsoft Corporation)

    • • Performed comprehensive test executions and assisted senior programming teams
      for The Outer Worlds (E3 2019 Best Original IP) prior to global release.
    • • Reported, tested, classified, and regressed over 1000 development issues.
    • • Translated non-technical issues into technical solutions understood by dev. teams.
  • President - Bruin Ventures

    • • Preparing students for opportunities in technology and entrepreneurship
      through professional resources, rigorous curriculum, and mentorship.
    • • Established three new programs: BV Build, BV Research, BV Connect.
    • • Redesigned Website (HTML5/Bootstrap) & External Appearance (SEO).
  • General Analyst - Bruin Ventures

    • • Helped develop external relationships and improve our recruitment process.
    • • Learned how to perform basic fundamental analysis of early-stage companies.
    • • Hosted speakers such as Brad Feld (Foundry Group), Scott Dudelson (SwagBucks),
      Mark Suster (Upfront Ventures), Luke Smiley (Clutter), Dr. Ron D. Ford, etc.


    UCLA Senior Capstone Project - Winter 2020

    Technical Pitch Deck

    Feature Descriptions

    • Secure Login & Authentication: A session-based approach via authentication tokens. Information securely stored in an AWS EC2 instance; all passwords are hashed and salted.
    • Reverse Chronological Item Feed: Every user sees the most recent items listed. Displays items as soon as tickets are available to buy.
    • Item Ticket Purchasing & Bidding: Items have detailed descriptions including expiration, tickets remaining, price, and an image. Users can bid on any item.
    • Email Notifications (via SendGrid): Email alerts directly to user's inboxes notifying when they've won an item. Includes tracking information.
    • Tracking Information & Shipping Labels (via EasyPost): Automatically generated shipping labels for all items won and provides integrated tracking information.
    • Payment Processing (via Stripe): Integrated Stripe Payments to securely add funds to a user's account to buy tickets.
    • Truly Random Winner Selection: Winners selected by a distributed random number generator using a cryptographically secure algorithm computed on all devices when purchasing tickets.
  • Other Computer Science Projects:

  • Github: @pmarks98
  • Poolfolio - Collaborative Investment Platform built with Ruby on Rails, AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • - A scalable web service deployed on AWS EB; 7-day scrum sprints with weekly retrospectives; load-tested critical paths for ~100,000 simultaneous users/records with tsung.
  • PostgreSQL-based Search Engine with a Python Flask Front-End Web Interface
  • - A lightweight search engine focused on efficient PostgreSQL query writing, graceful passing of paginated results to an HTML page, and the prevention of common web-attacks.
  • Reliable, Compressed, & Secure Network Communication via Embedded IoT System
  • - Multi-process telnet-like client/server passing compressed I/O over TCP socket.
  • - Read, log, and securely transfer (via SSL) data from external temperature sensors.
  • Asynchronous Application Server Herd via Python Asyncio
  • - Implementing a simple flooding algorithm to propagate location information from the Google Places API using the event-driven, lightweight asyncio framework.
  • - Emulating mobile devices using TCP connections where each device can post, receive, and query information (in JSON format) from any connected server.
  • Streamlined Attendance Recording System with Remote Front-End Dashboard
  • - Implemented a streamlined attendance platform to decrease wasted time in administrative procedures.
  • - Cross-validates submissions with a remote database to determine excused absences, powered by MySQL and InnoDB.
  • - Normalized roster and attendance data, and displays only pertinent user information to our secrtary's dashboard, using HTML and PHP.
  • Verilog Dice Game on Field Programmable Gate Array Board
  • - Creating an intuitive dice game in the hardware description language Verilog using physical input buttons, seven segment displays, and logical module implementations.
  • Graphic Design:

  • Flat Logo Design
  • - A portfolio of simple and modern logos and graphic works created in Adobe Illustrator that utilize flat design techniques. Most of these designs were eventually used on printed t-shirts or stickers.

My Written Works

Fueled by an interest in early-stage startups, venture capital, and a desire for innovation, I'm passionate about knowledge. Below are a few of my written works regarding different topics and companies that interest me.